How to Choose the Best Agricultural Garage Door and Garage Door Opener for Your Property

These agricultural garage doors are the G-5000 design in Ice White are 16’x 18’in size.

The innovative G-5000 agricultural garage doors help you have clear visibility when backing your truck out. When the doors are open, the windows are right over your head! Shown here are 16’x 18’Ice White doors.

For almost as long as there have been farms, there have been farm buildings!

Way back in the beginning, they were mainly used as a way to protect animals and crops from both weather and thievery.

However, recent decades have shown an evolution in agricultural garage doors. Now, they can be customized to the unique needs of farmers of every type!

Depending on the needs of their farm, farmers built varying types of agricultural buildings. These sometimes included large horse barns or those better suited for dairy cows, sheep, pigs, or chickens. Other buildings would serve as corn cribs, smoke or ice houses, creameries, or sheds to store equipment.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the proud owner of one of these types of agricultural buildings, whether it be an equipment shed, livestock shelter, barn, or a whole ranch or farm with multiple buildings. So, you need to understand how the purpose of your farm’s building decides the type of agricultural garage door and commercial garage door operator that will function best in your space.

1. Big Garage Doors Keep Your Large, Expensive Equipment Protected from Inclement Weather

These agricultural garage doors in the G-1000 design in White are ideal for storing various sizes of equipments

If your farm building houses small, average, or oversized equipment such as balers, fertilizer spreaders, harrows, harvesters, pickup trucks, tractors, plows, seeders, or wagons, then an agricultural garage door from the G-1000 construction series is a perfect choice.

Prioritize protection over anything else!

You invest in agricultural machinery so that you can work efficiently and profitably. Your equipment is valuable—you need to keep it somewhere that it won’t rust, corrode, or be damaged by any type of bad weather.

Tractors and seed drills are some of the most-used equipment for cultivating, fertilizing, feeding, planting, and plowing, no matter the time of year.

Farm trailers and pick-up trucks are often used to load and move other small equipment, as well as for transportation around the farm.

Harvesters mean that farmers can spend much less time harvesting their crops, allowing time for other projects.

To do your farm work quickly and effectively, you need various types of equipment in many sizes. Every farmer has individual ways of doing things as well as requirements for their crops, animals, and the necessities of their piece of land.

Thus, it’s important to reach out to an expert garage door consultant before you decide which type and size of garage door model are best for you.

However, there is no denying that installing an agricultural garage door large enough to house all your tools and equipment can increase the chances that they'll be protected from weathering and thieft.

This garage door is the G-5000 design in Ice White are 28’x 16’in size.

The G-5000 agricultural garage doors are not only sturdy, but they’re also well-crafted and designed with function in mind. This is one of the largest available, coming in at over twice the height of famed basketball star, Michael Jordan, and wider than a killer whale. (The door is 28’x 16’.)


Even though farming equipment is quite cumbersome, it can still be easy to steal. When your equipment is secured behind a large garage door, it deters thieves with a simple look.

You can’t prevent every bad thing from happening, but you can take steps to make them much less likely.

Of course, when you install a heavy, oversized agricultural garage door, you’ll also need hardware that stands up to the size.



Details of heavy duty hardware for agricultural garage doors, precisely the G-5000 construction based on the number of cycles performed per day.

Doors from the G-5000 line come with two types of heavy-duty hardware. Choose which type is best for you based on the number of times you’ll open and close your agricultural garage door each day.

2. Keep Your Animals and Space Dry and Warm with an Insulated Agricultural Garage Door

Image of little pigs.

Your livestock—from chicken and pigs to cattle and horses—are valuable and deserve protection.

All species of farm animals are prone to illness and infection when they aren’t cared for properly. When the colder seasons hit, it’s even more important to control the temperature in their spaces with insulated doors and shelters.

You’re wondering if there’s an easy solution. There is! All you need is a garage door with high-quality weatherstripping. This is comprised of an exterior PVC retainer with a mounted weather seal to ensure a water-tight threshold.

Maybe your animal shelter needs to not only be temperature controlled but to keep water from getting into your livestock’s feed. The best way to do this is to have your agricultural garage door in a prime location to keep humidity and inclement weather from entering the building and ruining the food.

What makes weather stripping on a barn or storage garage door a worthy investment?

Well, you’d probably agree that your animals and equipment are among the most prized assets of your whole farm. So, you’ll want to add another layer of protection by insulating your agricultural garage doors with either polyurethane or Styrofoam (polystyrene).

Here is a G-5000, available in R-12, R-16 or even R-18 value. Here shown in 24 x 14, Ice White color with windows for more safety.

The G-5000 series of agricultural garage doors come in a variety of insulation levels, including R-12, R-16, and R-18. All of them provide the strength and safety that you need. Shown here is a 24’x 14’Ice White door.

Let’s learn about the differences between the two insulation choices: polyurethane and polystyrene (Styrofoam).

Polyurethane is a type of injected foam that stretches to fill the paneling gaps. This is doubly resistant when compared to polystyrene, as well as offering benefits such as enhanced flexibility and better insulation and weatherproofing.

Polystyrene comes made as large sheets of white Styrofoam that are then placed inside the paneling. Styrofoam has a low thermal resistance, so it’s best for farms that don’t get too cold. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly insulation solution.


Illustrations of the types of garage door insulation: polyurethane and polystyrene (Styrofoam).

This comparison illustrates the way that polyurethane and polystyrene measure up. See how the polyurethane more effectively fills in the gaps in the garage door?

Next, you need to determine what R-value you need based on your agricultural building type.

The type of overhead door you’ll choose is dependent on how much energy efficiency your building needs. Don’t just assume that two insulated doors that boast the same R-value are equal. Depending on the paneling and the perimeter, two doors with the same R-value could utilize and lose heat very differently.

This is a lot of information to take in. It’s important to educate yourself but it’s also critical that you get the advice of a garage door professional with experience in agricultural, commercial, and industrial garage doors.

3. Choosing the Best Waterproof Garage Door Openers, Remotes, and Other Accessories

Two agricultural garage doors in G-5000 construction, 18' x 14' and 12' x 12', Ice White

Since agricultural garage door lines (such as the G-5000 ) come in many different colors and sizes, you can have versatility and style at the same time. Shown side by side here are doors in 12’x 12’and 18’x 24’.

When choosing an agricultural garage door, the garage door opener is just as important as when outfitting a residential or commercial garage door. You don’t want factors such as water or humidity to damage or disrupt what happens inside your farm structure.

Is your work environment often exposed to humidity, rain, or snow? It’s even more important to select sealed, water-resistant equipment.

If you have a farm structure, your ideal choice is probably the CRBH commercial door opener from LiftMaster.

See LiftMaster commercial garage door opener, Model RBH

The CRBH garage door opener from LiftMaster has all the features and benefits of the RBH opener—plus, it’s waterproof! This opening system mounts on the wall, utilizing a jackshaft system. It works best when you have vertical or high-lift sectional garage doors and features clutch adjustment, roller bearings, and an oil-soaked motor. This system also comes with a chain hoist and electrical interlock so you can open and close the door even in an emergency. It’s rated as a heavy-duty system that can hold up to intensive amounts of cycles—up to 25 an hour and up to 90 per day.

Water isn’t the only concern on a farm. Your shelters and tools also need protection from dust and debris, especially when it’s harvest time or you have a grain-handling farm. Investing in operators with specialized casing means that electrical fires are much less likely.

Barn fires are caused by myriad issues, including some of the most common starters of barn fires (as recognized by Conestoga Buildings):

  1. Smoking
  2. Baled hay
  3. Improperly stored dried bedding, hay, and food
  4. Improperly installed frost-proof hydrants
  5. Dust and cobwebs
  6. Extension cords and exposed wiring
  7. Space heaters

This is a scary and real situation, so LiftMaster commercial garage door openers come with covers that protect the motor from water and dust. The rest of their safety accessories are also water-resistant, such as button stations, control panels, commercial photo eyes, and bottom-side weather stripping (also known as optical-edge systems). All of these meet the water protection requirements outlined in NEMA4.

LiftMaster KPW250 wireless keypad is perfect for agricultural garage doors and damp environments.

The LiftMaster commercial openers pair perfectly with the sealed weatherproof design of the KPW250 keypad (NEMA4-certified). This keypad is great for humid places that need extra weatherproofing.

4. Keep Your Agricultural Garage Door Functional for Decades with Regular Maintenance

Well-maintained agricultural equipment can withstand even the dustiest, harshest conditions if it’s managed properly, as advised by Farm Progress in this article.

Livestock buildings are prime spots for large amounts of dust and mud. These are easy to clean, though, if your agricultural garage door is made of steel or aluminum.

Professional garage door technician performing a garage door maintenance with a lubricant.

You’ll know you made the right choice when you see how efficient and professional the right garage door tech is. They should always come with the appropriate tools for inspecting, lubricating, and fixing your garage door so that it’s up to code.

Don’t damage your agricultural garage door by cleaning it improperly! Learn how to take care of your aluminum or steel garage door the right way.

You might even have the necessary items on hand already if you wash your other vehicles on-site. All you need is a high-quality car mitt and good car wash and wax solutions. Avoid strong liquid solutions and abrasive cleaning tools; these are likely to harm the paint and delaminate your garage door’s surface.

Taking care of your garage door properly means that it will remain functional for as long as possible. A functional garage door means that you’ll be able to do your necessary farm work without your equipment being stuck in the garage.

Can you imagine the nightmare of going out for an important day of farm work only to find that you can’t open the garage door or that the entire system is broken because of one damaged piece? This is your entire livelihood at risk; protect what you’ve worked for.

What do you need to perform commercial door maintenance on a yearly schedule?

● Experienced technicians/garage door installers

● Tasks executed on time

● In-person inspection and a written report regarding the condition

● Preventative measures to prevent further damage

● Adjustment and alignment of the garage door, tracks, and springs

● Attentive customer service

One of the things you need is maintenance. But what steps should be included to maintain your garage door each year to extend the life of your garage door?

Most experienced professionals suggest that you get a garage door “check-up” every three, six, or 12 months. This is dependent on what you use your building for and how often you open and close the garage door.

Choosing the Appropriate Design for your Agricultural or Commercial Garage Door

Whether you want your barn door to match, contrast, or complement your barn color, we’ve got choices for you!

Discover the 9 colors available for your agricultural garage door

Your farm property is a reflection of all your hard work. Since you’ve maintained your buildings and equipment for years, decades, or maybe even generations, you deserve to look at something and enjoy its beauty. Think about choosing a daring color such as Silver or a rich shade of brown. You could even go with a deep Black or a beige hue for something earthy.

You’ve taken the first step, which was deciding on the best commercial door for your farm type and how you work. Now, you get to choose the fun elements, such as color and design. Most people go with white, but you can expand if it fits your style!

We offer more options than you can probably imagine! Just ask our team of experts to send you a color code or sample of the area of your building that you want to match.

These G-5000 garage doors are in Ice White, 26' x 16'. You have the option of customizing the garage door window sizes, glass types, and frame colors.

Your door sees a lot of ins and outs, including equipment, employee vehicles, and farm workers. No matter how much traffic goes through your agricultural garage door, it can still look great with our selection of sizes, glass types, frame designs, and colors. The G-5000 garage doors are fully customizable!

Save electricity and money when you choose a garage door with plenty of windows to let in all that natural light! This option also makes it even safer when you go in and out of the building.

A farm wharehouse building with a G-5000 agricultural garage door, 12 x 12, Ice White color, with only one window in the middle of the door

Again, unique choices are our specialty! You don’t have to go with no windows or a whole bunch of windows… what about just one? This single window fits perfectly in the center of a 12’x 12’warehouse overhead garage door.

Windows are a great safety solution when there’s a lot of action going on at your farm. They help to provide light and visibility so that everyone knows what’s happening at all times.

We offer free email quotes so you can get an idea of what your ideal agricultural overhead door or doors will cost.

You’ll find the best selection and high-quality commercial garage doors and garage door opening systems at Regional Doors & Hardware. Your barn, farm, or property is different than anyone else’s, so you deserve an agricultural garage door that will fit your specific needs.

We treat you and your business as if it were our own. We believe that saving you money and providing you with the utmost in customer service creates loyal customers and happy people. Reach out to us for our expert opinion and people who are ready to help you find your perfect garage door.

We’re here to talk! Contact us today at 905-684-8161 or come see us in person to talk about your overhead garage door project.

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