For all you service and repair needs, contact Regional Doors & Hardware

Are you having problems with your garage door? Are you frustrated that your door just won’t work properly? Call Regional Doors & Hardware! Our experts have a solution for your garage door woes. We sell, install, repair and maintain all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. We can repair damaged door panels, replace broken parts and much more. We offer service calls in St. Catharines, Hamilton, Grimsby, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Smithville, Niagara Falls and surrounding areas. Our experts will do inspections, repairs, preventive maintenance. At Regional Doors & Hardware, we aren’t satisfied until the job is well done. We always want our customers to have a great experience and timely service.

Regional Doors & Hardware is available for all of your garage door needs. Do you wish to learn more about what we do? Browse our frequently asked questions below to see how we can help you!

Do you fix garage doors that don’t open or close properly?

Yes we do! There are many reasons a garage door won’t open or close correctly. Over time, you door or its components can shift, which can cause the sensors to be misaligned. This can mean your door stops a few inches off the ground, or even closes, only to reopen right away. Another cause might be a broken or damaged garage door part. Sometimes, your garage door simply needs to be lubricated to get it working again. At Regional Doors & Hardware, our experts will check your garage door from top to bottom to find the cause of the problem. They will make any needed adjustments or repairs, and make sure your door is in great shape. Our experts don’t only work on residential garage doors; they also service all industrial, commercial and agricultural garage door systems. Contact us today for more information.

Can my noisy garage door be repaired?

Yes it can! There’s nothing more irritating than a squealing garage door. At Regional Doors & Hardware, we can silence your noisy door. Likely due to a broken or seized part, our experts will inspect each component and replace the ones that are worn-out. They will then lubricate all of the parts that require it, such as the hinges, rollers and other hardware. Our experts will make sure your garage door opens and closes efficiently and quietly. If your door won’t stop making loud, irritating noises, contact us today! We will send one of our technicians to take care of the problem.

Do you repair broken garage door springs?

Yes we do! If you have a broken garage door spring, please stop using your garage door and contact us right away. The springs are under extreme tension and can be dangerous if damaged or broken. One of our garage door experts can come to your home or business and inspect your door for any broken parts. If a spring – or any other part – is indeed worn or broken, our technician will replace it immediately. To schedule a visit, please call us at 905-684-8161. We will send someone to make your garage door safe again!

My opener stopped working. Do you also service garage door openers?

Yes, our experts can repair or maintain all brands of garage door openers. Our experts will come to you anywhere in the St. Catharines area to inspect your door opener. They will test it to find the issue. Problems with garage door openers are often caused by an obstruction in the photo-electric sensor, a misalignment, or low power in the radio transmitter. Rest assured that our experts are able to identify and fix these issues easily. Contact Regional Doors & Hardware for any garage door opener issue. Our experts will recommend the best solution to your problem. If you need a new garage door opener, we carry LiftMaster brand products. Their durability and reliability can’t be beat!

We would be honoured to become your garage door experts! For more information, please call us at 905-684-8161. We will happily book an appointment for an inspection and repair, or a preventive maintenance.

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