Turn your garage into a home gym

So many people make resolutions year after year about getting in shape. Why wait until the beginning of the year? You can turn your garage into a functional home gym now and use it all year long.

There are so many excuses:

● It’s too cold/hot/wet outside

● Exercising in public is awkward/embarrassing

● I don’t feel like going out

● And the list goes on…

But, when you bring the gym home, you can work out conveniently and comfortably.

Step one: how much of the garage will you be using?

If you’re like most people, your garage is that space that isn’t really designated, but everything seems to “end up” there.

Install an elliptical trainer in your garage? What a great idea!

Install an elliptical trainer in your garage? What a great idea!

Are you going to create storage space in your garage? Perhaps you want to make sure that you keep your workbench, or that you have room for vehicles when necessary.

One of the ways you can maximize space is to use wall storage. A vertical bike rack, for example, could make bike storage convenient. You could even use a slat wall to increase wall storage.

Don’t buy anything yet! First, you have to think about what equipment you want and how it will fit into your garage space. You need to take the time to consider all of the details because you won’t want to move this equipment any more than necessary.

Perhaps you want to stay on trend with a wall mirror?

These are popular in gyms and can help with several exercises and sports. They’re good for helping you watch your form and can even help those doing yoga or ballet.

Step two: prepare the space for the renovation

This picture shared by BoxJunkies shows an in-garage gym. the owners decided to had a TV and other commodities.

This photo from BoxJunkies shows a home gym done in the garage. The owner even added a TV and fridge for convenience.

This is when you’ll actually do the renovations and make changes. Your project should start with planning for all the new sections of the garage and the work that needs to be done.

Considering a TV or extra outlets for exercise equipment that needs to be plugged in?

You’ll want to call an electrician.

It’s always recommended that you leave this work to the professionals. Accidents happen quickly and could cause serious damage or injury, so it’s always best to leave electrical work to the experts.

You can do some of the work on your own, including painting, storage installation, and more. If you’re a DIY type, why not consider building some of the pieces for your gym yourself?

Perhaps your garage ceiling is entirely wooden beams. If this is the case, you could add a drop ceiling for a nice touch. Just make sure that you insulate well to prevent mice from hiding up there.

Solid ceilings can be a great place to install storage units. This blog by BLACK+DECKER offers more insight and tips on installation.


Do you have a plan for the floor yet?

An epoxy garage floor. Picture by AllGarageFloors.

An epoxy garage floor. Picture by AllGarageFloors.

If your garage floor is already just plain concrete, you’re in a good starting spot. This material can easily support the weight of any equipment you purchase. However, it’s not always a practical choice for things like impact resistance.

Concrete is NOT impact-resistant, and therefore it will be likely to deteriorate, scratch, and wear a lot faster when you’re using it with heavy gym equipment and machines.

Not only that, but the concrete gets cold during the winter months and that can make it harder to keep the garage temperature comfortable. Now that you know plain concrete isn’t the answer, here are three things that are:

1. Epoxy or polyurea

Professionals can install a floor in your garage that is made of epoxy or polyuria, which are waterproof materials. They’re also impact-resistant and quite solid, creating a nice, finished look that’s also durable and will provide years of use. The way this coating is applied in layers also helps with the longevity of these floors.

2. Rubber mats

You could also opt to cover the floor with a singular rubber mat or multiple mats that are designed to be pieced together as needed to fit your space.

Textured mats will help equipment stay stabilized and prevent motion. It can also reduce the risk of falls, and it helps to dull loud noises, such as if a weight hits the floor.

The padding from rubber mats also offers protection for your elbows, knees, and other joints during exercise, and offers far more comfort than concrete.

The Best Flooring Options for Your Home Gym from Men’s Health is a great source of inspiration for all the best ways to use mats for flooring in a home gym.

3. Carpet

Carpet is not the ideal choice here, but it is an option. If you insist on carpeting, make sure that you choose your rug with caution.

Pick a carpeting style that is tightly woven and doesn’t wear easily so that the equipment can remain stable, and you don’t damage the floors.

Carpets will get dirty quickly. Moisture can also be absorbed by carpeting, which can lead to mildew and even mold growth if you don’t notice it or resolve it right away. Most carpet isn’t waterproof. It will also likely deform over time and won’t secure the equipment to the ground safely.

Carpet could help with the issue of cold concrete floors, but a heater would be a far better choice. That, along with one of the other 2 flooring options, will create a pleasant environment and you won’t have to worry about the hassles of carpet.

Equipment can weigh a ton. You need to have solid flooring if you don't want to break it after only a month.

Equipment can weigh a ton. You need to have solid flooring if you don't want to break it after only a month.


Having cool, fresh air during a workout is critical. You will need at least one way to assist with air quality, whether that’s heating, air conditioning, or even just a dehumidifier.

Since the garage is usually damp, a dehumidifier is a great start.

There are even basic models like this garage ventilation system from Humidex if you don’t want to break the bank. It will improve air quality and help your garage to become a more enjoyable space. You’ll also find select models of heaters that have dehumidifiers in them. Most air conditioning systems naturally dehumidify the air during operation.

If you live somewhere with cold winters, invest in a portable heater so you don’t stop using the space.


Insulation is important in a garage gym, both for your well-being and the health of your equipment.

Insulating the garage can help regulate temperatures, keep noise contained, and provide a more comfortable, usable space. It’ll be a lot more convenient if you decide to work out at 3 AM and don’t wake up the rest of the house.

Check all the garage walls, inside and out.

See if any cracks, holes, or areas need to be filled so that you’re not letting in cold air and potential pests. You should choose polyurethane foam or fiberglass to deter mice, as they won’t chew these materials.

If the rest of the garage is insulated, but the garage door isn't so well insulated, it will be a waste of your time, effort, and money on the insulation job because your garage door is your 4th wall.

This garage door is a Vog design, 9' x 7', Black color, with a window layout: Left-side Harmony.

Want to add a modern touch to your home? This garage door is perfect for you! This exclusive design is called Vog, here shown in 9'x7', Black color, with a window layout named Left-side Harmony, for a lot of natural light.

There are several types of insulated garage doors available today. You’ll find everything from none at all to R-12 and R-16 insulation.

The insulating properties are calculated using R-value. The higher the R-value, the more effective insulation will be.

Most roofs are insulated with something like R-40, while walls range from R-13 to R-21.

If the walls are insulated, a good, insulated garage door should be next on your list. That way, you’ll get a stable temperature year-round, and your wall insulation will work better. Air will circulate and you will lose energy if it’s going out the garage door that isn’t properly insulated.

Good insulation is also about having it properly installed. The weatherstripping, gaskets, and insulation of the garage door all need to be installed perfectly.

These components need to work together in harmony to create the ideal energy efficiency for your garage space. It’s best to choose an energy-efficient garage door.

Insulation will also benefit garages that have a sleeping area above them or if they are attached to the house. This will ensure that the house heating isn’t being wasted out in the garage space.

You’ll find plenty of ways to reduce your electricity and heating bills just by updating key parts of your garage door.

You need the right weatherstripping to fill all of the gaps between the door and the wall, the door, and the ground, and other areas to prevent air from leaking. You’ll find different features on all different types of weatherstripping, of which there are several.

Then, there’s the InterLokTM joint, exclusive to Garaga’s doors. This joint makes the door 100% sealed against cold winds and other elements because it has weatherstripping between every single panel.

Your garage door insulation is also affected by window seals, bottom weatherstripping on the floor, or even a special seal like the Storm Shield threshold. This is a useful choice for garages where the floor is uneven or cracked and you want to ensure that no water gets in the garage from storms. This will also keep ice from forming under the door and sticking to the ground, giving you fewer hassles with your garage door, all around.


A lot of garages are dark and lack natural light. This can make it hard to create a motivating space. Fortunately, you’ve got an easy solution: upgrade your garage door with windows.

Several types of windows are available for your garage door, including ones with varying levels of privacy.

You might want to add a little natural light without letting the whole neighborhood watch your workout routine, after all. You can design the door just the way you want with windows exactly where you choose: at the top, on the sides, or all over if you so desire.

Perhaps you’ve got a garage door that you love, but it lacks windows.

You can easily add windows to your garage door just by swapping out a few panels. Check out this article about adding windows to an existing garage door to get a look at how it’s done.

How about a new garage door while you’re at it?

This garage door is a Classic CC design, 9' x 7', Ice White color, with 4 lite Orion windows.

Do you prefer timeless appeal? This garage door is a Classic CC design, here shown in 9'x7', Ice White color, with 4 lite Orion windows.

Here at Regional Doors & Hardware, we have tons of different styles and colors to fit your home and your own tastes. You can try every color you’d like on every single design in our virtual Design Centre!

When you know what you want, ask us to email you a free quote.

Can’t narrow down the options? Contact us at 1-800-263-4972.

We’ll be waiting to assist you in choosing the ideal garage door.

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